Christian Volunteer Challenges #6

Valentine’s Day is this weekend. It’s a great time to find ways to shower your Bible students with extra love. Here are this week’s social media challenges.

Monday: Alleys are used by city people to hide their garbage cans and other “ugly” realities of a home from people walking by on the street. Your Bible students may be living their lives the same way. If they hide their questions, doubts and struggles from Christian adults who could help guide and coach them, they will struggle and possibly give up on living a Christian life. Make it safe for your Bible students to be honest in your Bible class or at least in personal mentoring sessions. Otherwise, they will try and hide what they think is “ugly” in the alleys of their minds and hearts.

Tuesday: The ancient Egyptians thought they could take a lot of things with them into eternity. The Bible disagrees. In fact, Ecclesiastes is a great book to study with older kids and teens. It’s important for them to think about what’s really important in life when they are still young.

Wednesday: It’s impossible to know for sure what’s behind this construction tarp facade. It’s supposed to look like the building behind it, but from here no one knows for sure. Your Bible students may have personal facades they have created for any number of reasons. Finding ways to make it safe for them to drop their facades and show who they really are can make it easier for you to minister to them.

Thursday: Music is a great tool for helping kids and teens memorize scripture. You can write your own scripture songs by using songs in the public domain. Merely substitute the current lyrics with scripture…matching syllable to syllable for it to work properly. It doesn’t matter how poorly you think you sing. Most kids don’t care and older kids and teens who enjoy singing can learn and teach the song to their peers.

Friday: When does your hope for Spring begin? Do you get excited at the first tiny signs of buds or do you have to see Spring in full bloom to get excited about its return? Where is your hope in Heaven? What about that of your students? They need to have the hope that leads to belief in Heaven. If they aren’t excited about spending eternity there or don’t believe it exists, it’s less likely they will be faithful, productive Christians as adults. It’s important to do what you can to encourage that hope in all of your students.

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