Christian Volunteer Challenges #7

It’s been cold and snowy for much of the country this week. Spring is just around the corner though. Here are this week’s social media challenges to encourage and inspire.

Monday: Did you know we offer free consulting? Have a ministry question? Ask it here or contact us by email or phone. We may be living in a zoom world, but you don’t have to do ministry alone!

Tuesday: Need some Bible lessons for teens? We just uploaded more Living the Christian Life lessons. Suitable for teens and some older elementary students, these Bible lessons each last two+hours/sessions and teach young people important Christian life skills in addition to Bible truths. We now have four full fifteen lesson units…for a total of 60 lessons or 120 hours of content online! Take a few minutes to check them out….…/

Wednesday: Some Christians think kids are like succulents…they will somehow absorb Christianity from a few Bible classes and sermons. The reality is that young people need a lot of targeted teaching and guided practice. Those classes and activities are more difficult to plan and execute, but the results are often much better.

Thursday: Each of your Bible students needs something slightly different than the others. You won’t know how to meet those needs if you don’t know they exist. Taking the time to really get to know your students will help you provide each one of them the things they need to learn and grow spiritually.

Friday: These birds followed their leader for blocks. What leaders do your Bible students follow? Who are their personal influencers? Whom do they admire and hope to copy? Knowing this information can help you design Bible lessons that help move God to that top influencer spot in their lives.

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