Christian Volunteer Challenges Week #3

We may still get some cold weather, but our Spring trees are starting to bud! Life might seem cloudy for your Bible students right now, but the sun is coming out from behind the clouds. Need encouragement or fresh ideas? Here are this week’s social media challenges to help.

Monday: Love this prayer cross in our neighborhood! You can do a mini version in a classroom or even virtually. Prayer journals are a great way to record each specific ribbon prayer. Then periodically check with students and record how God worked in each situation. It’s a great way to show young people how God is working in our world today.

Tuesday: You don’t know the path on which your Bible students are traveling. You don’t know all of the plans God has for them. Why not assume each of your students will be tasked by God to do important things like those done by David and Esther. Teach them as if it really matters what they know and understand about what God wants for them and from them…because it does. (No matter what God’s plans for them may be.)

Wednesday:The beautiful historic buildings in Amsterdam had foundations that were wood pilings sunk into the mud at the bottom of the canals. Might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but over hundreds of years, the wood decayed in the mud, leaving the buildings sinking in various odd ways. Your Bible students need to build their lives on God. Anything else will crumble and decay and leave them in all sorts of trouble. Teaching them how to do that should always be one of your top goals.

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Friday: This hawk is keeping watch to prevent anyone from harming his nest. The people in our neighborhood will tell you no one gets anywhere near the tree without the hawk seeing them. Have you taught your Bible students to be as watchful for the devil and his schemes? If they believe Satan doesn’t exist and isn’t trying to tempt them, they are more likely to fall prey to his schemes. Protect your students by teaching them how to be watchful.

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