Will This Food Help Me Grow?

Scripture: Genesis 1-2

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Creation, focusing especially on the Garden of Eden
  • Students will learn the possible healthy and unhealthy components of food
  • Students will learn the necessary amounts of the various components of food needed to be healthy
  • Students will learn to group foods together with similar components needed to be healthy

Guiding Questions: What components of food are necessary for us to be healthy? Which foods contain these components?

Materials: Photos of as many popular local foods as possible as well as photos of any ingredients used to make them.

Procedure: Review the story of Creation, paying special attention to the Garden of Eden. Teach and/or review the necessary components of a healthy diet with students. [LINK] Provide photos of local foods and the ingredients used to make them. Have students work together to group photos of foods with similar nutrients, fat content, sugar content, salt content, protein, etc. Then, have students re-group photos to create nutritionally well balanced meals. Discuss their conclusions after the activity.

Additional Questions:

  • How have ideas of a nutritious diet changed from Bible times until now? What caused those changes?
  • What factors affect a person’s ability to eat a nutritious, healthy diet?

Supplemental Activity: Have students plan nutritious meals featuring foods popular during different periods of time or in various geographic areas.

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