Creative Ways to Involve Parents in Kids’ Bible Classes

Parents who don’t actually teach their child’s Bible class may have little knowledge of what happens once they leave their child. It’s unfortunate, really. Spending time in their child’s Bible class gives them an opportunity to show their child how important they believe Bible classes are for kids.

One of the reasons parents don’t spend time in their child’s Bible class is because other than teaching, there doesn’t seem to be a need for extra help. That too is unfortunate, because it’s spiritually healthy for children to get to know the adults in their church.

So what are some ways you can involve parents in your class?

  • Mystery Reader/Story Teller. Quietly ask parents and other adults in your congregation to pop in your class and read or tell the Bible story for the day. Before they start, they should share a little about how they became a Christian and another spiritual tidbit – like their favorite Bible verse and why they like it.
  • Living the Christian Life Spotlight. Ask parents and other adults to come to the first five minutes of class. Have them share how they serve others and share their faith in their careers, vocations (like stay at home parenting or students), volunteer or ministry activities. This is a great way to give students lots of ideas of how they can serve God every day.
  • Prayer Partner. Ask parents and other adults in the congregation come in to the last five minutes of class, take prayer requests, record them for the class and lead the prayer. They should also share some of their own prayer requests.
  • Spotlight Singer. Find parents and others who are willing to teach your students some new worship songs. Or they can all work with your students on mastering the same song or two. They should also share with the students one of their favorite worship songs and why they like it so much.
  • Gift Discovery. Invite parents and others with gifts they use to serve God. Have them tell students about their gift and how they use it to serve others and share their faith. The more unusual the gift or way it is used to serve God, the better. If time allows, you may want to have the adult help students experiment to see if they too may have a similar gift.
  • Ministry Moment. Ask parents and other adults in the congregation come to your class and share about one of the ministries they serve. It’s a great way for students learn of the many possible ministries. When applicable, if you have also have the time, encourage the visitor to bring a small task the children can do to serve that ministry.
  • Extra Hands. Using drama? Doing a complicated activity? Taking students outside or to another part of the building? It’s a really relaxed way for parents to visit their child’s Bible class. They are the extra pairs of hands you need for things to run smoothly.

Obviously, you can’t bring in parents or other adults for each of these categories every class. Gradually introducing students to other adults in the congregation though, helps them to begin to develop connections that can encourage students to continue to be a part of your congregation as they grow older. It’s also a great way to introduce them to more aspects of living the Christian life in practical ways. It’s worth the extra time and effort.

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