Exotic Animals

Scripture: Daniel 6

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn living in a fallen world means sometimes bad things happen to godly people.
  • Students will learn God has not deserted us when bad things happen.
  • Students will learn it is important to have faith in God even in tough times.
  • Students will learn words associated with exotic animals.

Guiding Question: Why is it important to have a strong faith?

Materials: Photos or plastic toy exotic animals

Procedure: Tell students the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den. Ask them how they would have felt if they were Daniel? How do they think Daniel was able to be brave and trust God with all of those lions looking at him all night? Explain that Daniel had a strong faith in God that allowed him to remain strong when times were tough. Even if we do not feel like we are hearing from God or seeing what we want from it, it does not mean He has left us. God is often working behind the scenes to make things happen for us that we just do not see coming yet.

Introduce the activity. Bring in photos of exotic animals or small plastic exotic animals. Pass around the photos or animals and teach the students the names of each animals and characteristics about them.

Additional Questions: How can students experience animals in real life?

Supplemental Activity: Take students to a zoo or smaller petting zoo to learn about different animals and the words for these animals.

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