God is Still With You

Scripture: Luke 15

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn even if we do everything we are supposed to do, some people will not like or trust us.
  • Students will learn it is important to stop and help those we meet who are in need.
  • Students will learn it is godly to be generous.
  • Students will participate in an activity to help them remember God is always with them even when things seem hopeless.

Guiding Question:

What do we need to remember when things seem hopeless?

Materials:large white paper, yellow yarn, black/gray yarn, glue, markers, Deut. 31:8 on green paper

Procedure: Review the story of David, Achish and the Amalekites focusing especially on how discouraged David must have been by this time. It had probably been many years since David had been anointed the future king, yet he was still having all sorts of major problems.
David may have remembered scriptures like Deuteronomy 31:8. Read the verse to students and ask them what they think it means.

Ask students where they think the sun is on a cloudy day. Older ones may realize it is still there behind the clouds, working like other days – even though we can’t see it. (You can explain the idea to younger children who may not know.)

Explain to students that sometimes when we are having problems, it may seem like God has left us. Just like the sun behind the clouds though, even if we can’t exactly figure out what God is doing yet…He is still there working.

Give students the large sheets of white paper. Encourage them to glue the yellow yarn on to represent the sun. They can use the dark yarn to create clouds blocking the sun from view. Have younger students draw pictures of problems that might make them think God is far away inside their clouds. Older students can use words and make them fill in the clouds. Students can use the Bible verse as the ground of their pictures and draw a self-portrait or any other things they choose to on their pictures.

Encourage students to remember the next time they are scared or worried to remember that God is like the sun on a cloudy day – he is always there with them, even if they can’t see how He is working yet.

Additional Question:

  • How did God bless David’s patience?

Supplemental Activity:
Have students compare their pictures of challenges that make it hard to see God’s plan. Discuss how God often uses people to answer prayers and that we need to encourage each other through these times. Choose a scenario from the students’ pictures. Brainstorm ways to help people through that circumstance. For instance, students can write cards, make bake goods, hold a prayer group, raise money, etc. Create a plan as a group and then chose someone to serve.

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