What’s My Gift

Scripture: 1 Samuel 17

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the Story of David and Goliath.
  • Students will experiment with finding their own talents.
  • Students will prepare to present and teach about a talent for students in an underserved area to demonstrate how to use God-given abilities.  

Guiding Question:What talents do I have and how can I use them to serve God?

Materials: craft supplies, instruments, music, other supplies that students would need to exhibit their talents

Procedure: Review the story of David and Goliath focusing on the difference between David’s humble shepherd approach and Goliath’s pride and weaponry. Emphasize how using a sling shot was a special talent that he would have developed protecting his sheep. Discuss different talents that students have. This can be musical, artistic, athletic, academic, cooking, woodworking, sewing, acting, public speaking, comedy, writing, etc. Explain that you do not need to be an expert to start developing a talent. An interest becomes a talent over time with practice. Explain that to develop a talent it helps to see an example, be given the opportunities to practice, and have the resources.

Have students prepare to teach other children how to pursue similar talents. Find a foster home, orphanage, family shelter, church, community center or other organization as a place to present. Help students practice, gather supplies and prepare a method of teaching the basics of their talent. Students can bring supplies to help. For example, a student can bring an instrument to show/teach how to play a few notes. Simplified supplies can also be used to teach the basics of a skill that requires expensive or non-portable supplies. For example, use clapping or boxes to teach rhythm for drumming. Students host a “What’s My Gift” Night. Adult teachers can also come present to help inspire your students and then help with the teaching aspect at the service site.

Additional Questions:

  • What are some ways that you can use your talent to serve God?
  • How can you further develop your talent? What are some resources you can use and people you can contact?

Supplemental Activity: Students can assemble goody bags for children at the shelter (or other organization) to continue practicing the talent after the “Talent Show” and teaching session. For example: bags of fabric and thread for sewing or beads and string for jewelry making.

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