Recipe for Friendship

Scripture: 1 Samuel 20

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn it is important to pick godly and loyal friends.
  • Students will learn Jonathan was willing to do what God wanted Him to do, even though it meant keeping his father from executing his plans.
  • Students will learn David later kept his promise to Jonathan, because loyal friends keep their promises.
  • Students will learn about the characteristics of a godly friend.

Guiding Question: Why does God want us to choose godly friends?

Materials: Construction paper, pencils, drawing utensils

Procedure: Review the story of David and Jonathon from the scriptures above. Explain that David and Jonathan were great friends and shared a love for God. Have the students share the qualities they think a good friend should have. Share examples of what godly friends have done for you in your life and why God wants us to have godly and loyal friends. Explain that those types of friends are there for us when we are struggling and will always bring us back to God. They will give godly encouragement and wisdom to help us with tough situations.

Introduce the activity. Explain that the students are going to make a recipe but not a normal recipe like they are probably thinking. Tell the students they are going to make a friendship recipe. Have students create a recipe for a supportive friend, including concrete examples such as godly attitude, supportive, good listener, etc. Have them share at the end.

Additional Questions: How can students reflect on what type of friend they are?

Supplemental Activity: Have the students create a portrait of themselves with characteristics they have that make them a good friend to others.

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