Deacons’ Jobs

Scripture: Acts 5:12-6:7

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn the Apostles continued to heal the sick and teach about Jesus.
  • Students will learn God wants us to tell others about Jesus, even if it is against the law.
  • Students will learn about deacon qualifications, how deacons live for God, and what deacons job’s look like.

Guiding Question: How can students learn about deacon’s jobs?

Materials: None needed

Procedure: Teach the scriptures above about deacons. Remind students that apostles teaching about deacons was done along with teaching about Jesus. The apostles taught all around the world, even in places that were not safe because Christianity was not generally accepted there. The apostles talked about deacons because deacons are special helpers in the Church. Go through the qualifications for deacons.

Have deacons and their wives come in and talk about why they think those qualifications are important. Have them share how they continue to grow spiritually through Bible study, prayer, etc. Encourage them to share ways students can help them in their various duties.

Additional Questions: How can students work alongside deacons?

Supplemental Activity: Have students pair up with different deacons in your congregation to learn about their job and how they can support them in their duties. The deacon can serve as a mentor for that student or group of students.

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