Scripture: Judges 4-5

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Deborah.
  • Students will learn how to have faith in God in tough situations.
  • Students will learn how to use and change pronouns.

Guiding Questions: How can students learn the differences between male, female, singular, and plural pronouns?

Materials: Pencils, paper

Procedure: Review the story of Deborah focusing on how God used her to lead Israel and defeat Sisera. Emphasize that it was unusual for a woman to lead and her faith in God meant that she gained the honor instead of Barak because he needed her help. Explain that Jael did not go to the front lines and fight the battle. When she had an opportunity to help God’s people where she lived, she did it. Explain that Deborah was a female judge in a society where the rest of the judges we know about were male.

Teach the students how to change pronouns from male to female or to group pronouns. Have them pair up and give the partner a sentence and have the partner change pronouns to the opposite or single pronouns to plural (which will necessitate having to change verbs also).

Examples: He – she, him – her, himself – herself, I – we, me – us, He/she – them

Additional Questions: How can students apply pronouns in writing?

Supplemental Activities: Have the students create a fun story using at least 3 male or female pronouns, 2 singular pronouns, and 3 plural pronouns.

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