Reporting the News

Scripture: Judges 4-5

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the Story of Deborah and how she earned the honor of victory instead of a Barak, because she acted on her faith in God.
  • Students will practice script writing combined with public speaking skills to present a news report based on the Bible story.

Guiding Question: How can we write and present a news report based on a story?

Materials: Paper, pencils, camera (optional)

Procedure: Review the story of Deborah, focusing on how unusual it was for a women to lead. She stepped up due to a lack of male leaders and had faith in God to protect Israel. This was unusual and important enough to become a Bible story that is read centuries later. When stories are important, they need to be shared. Tell students the importance of televised news stories. Why is it important to stay current with the news? Discus common features of news stories that have been on T.V.

Students can then create a news show including a leader to cue the reporters, news article writers, and the reporters who do the talking. If students do not have televisions, have them create a group speech for presenting the news. Students can write their scripts. For fun, they could even report what they think the weather would have been like for the battle and can even research the climate in that region. Base the show on the Bible story for practice. Students can also chose a news story in their community or school to do a feature on.

Additional Questions:

  • What elements of Deborah’s story make it news-worthy?

Supplemental Activities:

  • Record the students’ news report on camera and then have them edit it. Discus what challenges would be presented if they had to do it live without editing. Students can research tricks that reporters and broadcasters use so that their show goes more smoothly (example: They read the script from a place near the camera so that they are not looking down at notes and don’t have to memorize everything.)
  • If the resources are available, take students on a tour of a news station in your community. This could also be a special reward for students for memorizing scripture, church attendance, community service, etc.

Written by: Savannah Negas

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