Songs of Praise

Scripture: Judges 4-5

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn the story of Deborah.
  • Students will learn how we can focus on our faith in God.
  • Students will create songs of praise for God

Guiding Questions: How can students use music to worship God?

Materials: Paper, pencils, music that children are familiar with for inspiration of song creation

Procedure: Teach the story of Deborah focusing on how God used her to lead Israel and defeat Sisera. Emphasize that it was unusual for a woman to lead and her faith in God meant that she gained the honor instead of Barak because he needed her help. After their victory Deborah and Barack sang a song praising God. The Bible doesn’t say, but it is possible Deborah or Deborah and Barack together composed the song praising God. 

Introduce the activity. Have students work individually, in small groups or as a class to compose songs praising God. It is easier if children use a familiar tune and write lyrics that match syllable for syllable in the original song. You can also have them be creative and make up their own tune and lyrics.

Additional Questions: How can students use Bible verses within music?

Supplemental Activities: Have students research songs that have been created based on Bible verses. Then have students pick out Bible verses to create a worship song with. 

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