Easy Ways to Involve Parents in their Children’s Spiritual Education

Christian parents are being pulled in a thousand different directions. The world gives them a long list of things they should be doing for their kids. Then their church comes along and adds to the list.

Often they want to help their kids build stronger faith foundations and grow to their godly potential, they just aren’t sure where to start. The great news is you don’t have to be a ministry or church leader to help parents be more effective at pointing their kids towards God.

These are some of our favorite tips any volunteer in children’s or youth ministry can use to help the parents of their students.

  • Send home regular parent letters and/or emails. Kids and teens aren’t necessarily the best communicators of what they learned in class. Sending home a note letting parents know what scriptures you covered, the main application points, questions they can discuss at home and even a fun activity idea for something they can do to extend your lesson at home helps. Parents who want to keep talking about your lesson now have everything they need to easily do so.
  • Give them free Christian parenting resources and links to Christian parenting websites. Teach One Reach One Ministries has free printable parenting sheets you can send home on a variety of topics. We also have a free e-book, Baptism Study with Leader Guide available online. Our Parenting Like Hannah Christian parenting blog has regular posts with ideas, resources, tips, encouragement and even free family devotionals. You can also encourage them to join our free Facebook Parenting Like Hannah community where they will receive daily Christian parenting challenges, notification of new blog posts, access to short parenting videos and links to other helpful sites. Focus on the Family also has great resources for the donation of their choice. (or in some cases free.)
  • Host family class events and invite parents with adult children who are faithful, active Christians to join you. These experienced Christian parents clearly did something well. They weren’t perfect, but the things they did helped their kids develop strong faith foundations and reach their godly potential.  Field trips, service projects and other events encourage families to interact in healthier ways. The older parents will begin developing relationships that may allow them to help mentor these younger parents. In fact, why not go the extra mile and actively encourage the younger parents to ask the more experienced parents their thoughts on the topics concerning them.

You don’t have to be a ministry leader, minster or church leader to support the families of your students. The activities above are things you can do on your own that will help the families of your students be more intentional in parenting their kids towards God. It’s a great way to easily expand your ministry to your students and their parents.

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