God’s Team Is the Best Team!

Scripture: 2 Kings 9-10

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God keeps His promises.
  • Students will learn those who reject God and disobey Him, may suffer earthly consequences.
  • Students will learn God expects complete obedience from us. Ignoring even part of what commands is wrong.
  • Students will participate in an activity helping them to begin to understand what it means to be on “God’s team”.

Guiding Question: What do we have to do to be on ”God’s team”, like the horsemen of King Joram decided to be on Jehu’s “team”.

Materials: None

Procedure: Tell students the story of Jehu. (Omitting the graphic violence in the battle itself.) Focus especially on how people switched from supporting the evil king to following God’s choice for king, Jehu.

Explain to students that in the world there are only two sides –Those who worship and obey God (God’s “team”) and those who refuse to worship and obey God. It’s important to always be on God’s side. The devil tries to trick us though and make it look better to be on the side that doesn’t worship and obey God. We have to be really careful not to switch sides and be on the side that doesn’t worship and obey God.

Explain that they will be playing a game. Divide students into teams or even groups of two or three. Explain that each team is to come up with as many scenarios as possible for the other teams to play. Each scenario should be something that could happen to someone their age. The scenario should end with what the “person” decided to do. Sometimes they should have the person do something they think God would want them to do. Other times, they should have the person decide to do something God would not want them to do. They need to make the scenarios hard, because every time another team guesses correctly, they get a point. If they team that created the scenario gives what they thought was the correct answer, but they were wrong, they lose a point.

You may want to give them a couple of examples like the one below to get them started.

Your mom asks if you have brushed your teeth. You say “Yes”, even though you really just swished water around in your mouth.

End class with a brief discussion about how to decide whether or not something is what God would want you to do – especially if they aren’t sure. Encourage them to always make the choices God would want them to make.

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