Gift Discovery

Scripture: Esther

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God often puts His people where He wants them in order to do certain things for Him.
  • Students will learn sometimes we must be very brave to do what God wants us to do.
  • Students will learn God expects us to do what He wants us to do even if it scares us.
  • Students will learn how to use their gifts to serve God.

Guiding Question: Why is it important to place our faith in God?

Materials: Teach One Reach One gift discovery worksheets

Procedure: Review the story of Esther with the students – particularly the Celebration of Purim. Explain that Purim is a holiday for remembering the story of Esther. Tell the students that during this holiday, people give little gifts (usually of food) to their neighbors. Explain that God wants us to reach out to others and be brave in sharing our faith. God expects us to do what He has called us to and to trust Him even when we do not fully understand what He is doing. God places people in our lives that He calls us to share our faith with and we can trust Him to help us when it is part of His plan.

Introduce the activity. Remind students that Esther was willing to use the gifts God had given her to try and save the lives of her people. Use the gift discovery worksheet found in the Teach One Reach One volunteer resources and give to the students. Have them analyze each others answers to see if they can find what gifts God may have given each of them. Bring the class back together to discuss how to find more gifts, develop gifts, and begin using them to serve God.

Additional Questions: How can students develop a plan to use their talents?

Supplemental Activity: Have the students use the gift discovery plan and create an action plan to develop their talents to use God.

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