Working Together to Serve Others

Scripture: Exodus 17

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn that God will provide us what we need.
  • Students will learn that just like Moses had to keep his hands raised to God for the Israelites to win, we need to depend upon God to help us win life’s battles.
  • Students will learn that just like the Israelites started losing when Moses lowered his arms, we start losing life’s battles when we walk away from God.
  • Students will learn God that just like Aaron and Hur helped Moses keep his arms in the air, we often need to work together to serve others and share our faith.  

Guiding Question: How can Christians work together to serve God?

Materials: fliers to decorate or paper and items to create fliers, bookmarks to design, empty cardboard boxes and paper to cover and decorate them, etc.

Procedure: Tell the story in Exodus 17 of the Israelites fighting the Amalekites. Explain that requiring Moses to keep his arms raised in order for them to win the battle was a way to remind Moses and the Israelites the victory was because of God and in this case obeying God and not because they were better in battle. Focus especially on the fact that Moses needed Aaron and Hur to help him keep his arms raised. (Classes with younger students may encourage students to keep their arms raised while you review the Bible story to see how long their “winning battle” would have lasted without help from others.) Explain that just like Moses needed Aaron and Hur to work with him and help him do what God wanted him to do, many times Christians need to work together to do what God wants done.

Tell the students all of the children are going to work together and get the congregation to help them do something to serve God. Explain to them the problems of poverty in your area. Help them understand many children do not have books. Tell them you are going to have a book drive to collect books to give to these children. Help students design fliers and collection boxes. Help them plan how to hand out fliers and place collection boxes to get the best response. Encourage them to advertise for gently used or new children’s books – especially children’s Bibles and Christian books for children. Give students the blank bookmarks and have them decorate them to give away with the books. Encourage them to illustrate the bookmarks with Bible stories and write words like “God loves you”, etc. on them. Allow students to hand out fliers to church members before service.

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