Free Resources for Supporting Parents’ Efforts to Teach Their Kids the Bible

Churches usually try to help parents by providing regular Bible class opportunities for kids and teens to learn even more about God. Unfortunately, COVID has drastically altered the ability of many congregations to provide their regular Bible classes. Which means if parents have been depending solely upon your church to teach your kids about God, your kids have missed as much as 18 months of critical learning opportunities.

You can help compensate for this loss, by giving parents resources to help them be more intentional about teaching and training their kids to be who God wants them to be at home. Thankfully, Parenting Like Hannah and Teach One Reach One Ministries have lots of free resources to help! Here’s a partial list to get you started.

  • Parenting Like Hannah blog posts. From fun ideas to use to teach kids important Christian life skills, to tips for solving common parenting problems to family devotionals ideas, parents can use the search function on our blog to find what they need, when they need it. We publish at least two new posts each week, so there are always new things to try. Sign up for the newsletter to have new blog posts go straight to your email.
  • Parenting Like Hannah Facebook Community. Parents can ask to join our private Facebook community and receive daily Christian parenting challenges five days a week. Tell them to make sure to like or comment on posts so Facebook will keep them in their feed.
  • Teach One Reach One children’s Bible lessons and activity ideas. With over 200 Bible stories to choose from and Bible, application and service project activity ideas for most lessons, parents have got plenty to keep their kids engaged when learning about the Bible. The activities were designed for Bible classes, but most can be easily adapted for use by a family.
  • Teach One Reach One academic tutoring activities. With our Bible lessons, we’ve also provided ideas for faith based tutoring ministries which parents can also use to help their kids learn or practice academic skills while also learning Bible stories. We have activities for ESL (which can be used with any language), beginning and advanced elementary language arts and math, science, health and hygiene and sustenance and survival.
  • Teach One Reach One teen devotionals and Living the Christian Life curriculum. We have regular devotionals, plus an entire curriculum designed so parents can teach their kids Christian life skills while they are studying the Bible.
  • Printable parenting sheets. These one page tip sheets cover a wide range of popular Christian parenting topics. With tips and scriptures all on one page, they are a great resource for handling common parenting issues.
  • Baptism study with leader guide. Is their child asking about becoming a Christian? We have a great free ebook that contains everything parents need to study baptism with their child. It’s one of our most popular Christian parenting resources.

Empowering parents to take a greater role in their children’s spiritual education helps everyone. It’s worth taking the time to give them helpful, free resources to use.

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