Fun at Home Challenges for Bible Students

Many of you are trying to remain engaged with your Bible students in an online environment. You may be teaching Bible classes online for the very first time. Although some things remain the same, activities can be challenging when you aren’t sure what supplies students may have access to at home.

So why not give them some unique challenges to work on between classes? Ones that will hopefully get entire families engaging with scripture in fun, yet meaningful ways?

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Re-enactments of Bible stories. Encourage your students and their families to use only what they have in their home to recreate the Bible stories you assign. They can do anything from live drama, to puppet shows to clay animation. Encourage parents to let their kids drive the project. Have them film and share or share during a live online class time.
  • Family singing groups. Challenge families to record themselves singing their favorite worship or kids’ Bible class song. They don’t have to be the VonTrapp’s for it to be a fun activity. (Suggest families who balk at signing to try signing the song and teach others the ASL signs for the song.)
  • Psalms poetry slam. Have a virtual Psalms “poetry slam” where everyone wears their favorites 1960’s look and reads their favorite Psalm. Encourage those who want to participate to write their own poem praising God. (Poems don’t have to rhyme and can include things like haiku.)
  • Family service projects challenge. Encourage families to find ways to safely serve others. Then have a time to come together and share ideas and experiences.
  • Bible journaling. Students won’t share their entries online with each other, but drop off pretty journals or notebooks for each Bible student at their home. Periodically give them a scripture to read and a few prompts to encourage them to write about the verses. Not every student will participate, but those who do will be learning how to practice a few spiritual disciplines that can help them as they become more personally responsible for their spiritual health and growth. (Note: You may also want to include an NIrV Bible for students who may not have one or access to a Bible app. Inexpensive paperback NIrV Bibles can be ordered online.)

Finding activities that engage students in interacting with scripture can make your online Bible classes more effective. It’s worth the extra time and effort to include a few ideas in your lessons.

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