Divide and Conquer

Scripture: Judges 6-8

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn when God asks us to do something He expects us to do it.
  • Students will learn when God asks us to do something He will provide what we need to do it.
  • Students will learn God may appear to give us less than what we think we need to complete the task in order to remind us that God is in control.
  • Students will review how to solve basic division problems

Guiding Question: How does division work?

Materials: Toy soldiers

Procedure: Review the story of Gideon, focusing on how God limited the number of men who were to go to battle. This was so that there would be no question that their victory was from God and not by human effort. Explain that this was done in order for the people to see that God is and always is fully in control. When God wants something to be done, He will always provide what we need and who we need to successfully accomplish what he calls us to. It is easy for us to want to be in control and have things go our way. We need to remember that God’s way is the best way and allow Him to have full control in our lives.

Introduce the activity. Give students toy soldiers to use to help them practice simple division problems. Model some examples first then give the students problems to solve with their toy soldiers. Students can also draw pictures and write the problem if needed.

Additional Questions: How can students model simple division problems?

Supplemental Activity: Have students stand up and model simple division problems. For example, 8 students stand up. There are 8 students that need to be put into groups of 2. How many groups will there be? Have the students modeling the problem place themselves in groups to solve them problem.

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