God Keeps His Promises

Scripture: Genesis 15-17

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of God’s promises to Abraham and the Birth of Ishmael.
  • Students will learn God makes promises to us also.
  • Students will learn some of the promises God makes to us in the Bible.
  • Students will create a quilt to celebrate God’s promises to us and to help others.

Guiding Question: What promises does God make to us?

Materials: white muslin, fabric markers (Can use permanent markers or fabric paint, but fabric markers work the best), coordinating fabric(s), quilting batting, needles, thread/yarn in coordinating colors (adult with sewing machine to piece and back quilt)

Procedure: Review the story of Abraham and the promises God made to him. Discuss how Abraham and Sarah must not have totally trusted God to keep His promises as they believed they had to “help” God in some way. Tell students God also makes promises to us and we have to sometimes be very patient for it to be God’s time for them to be kept. Ask students to list some of the promises God makes to us. Here are some suggestions for additional ideas if you need them:

  • Matthew 11:28-29 Rest and help with our burdens
  • Philippians 4:19 God will provide our needs
  • John 14:27 Peace of mind
  • Acts 2:38 Salvation/eternal life
  • John 10:10 Life to the full
  • Acts 1:8 The Holy Spirit
  • I Peter 5:6-7 Help with our worries
  • James 1:5 Godly wisdom
  • I John 5:14 Will say yes to those prayers that are within His will for us
  • Matthew 5 (Beatitudes) Blessings for those who put God first
  • Matthew 6:14 Forgiveness of sins
  • I Peter 4:13-14 Joy
  • John 14:21 God’s Love
  • Revelations 21:4 Heavenly home with no tears, pain, etc.

Give each student a one foot square piece of muslin and access to the fabric markers. Allow each student to choose one of the promises of God. On their square they should write the scripture and then illustrate it. Remind them to stay about an inch away from the edges of the piece of fabric. Encourage them to do their best work, use plenty of color, etc. After the squares are completed have an adult piece the quilt together. If your class is small, you may wish to alternate squares illustrated by students with squares of a coordinating fabric. Have the adult place batting behind the pieced top and finish the quilt with a coordinating fabric backing. The finished quilt can be brought back for the students to tie. The completed quilt can be displayed in the classroom and then donated to a homeless shelter or other group who provides blankets to those who are cold.

Additional Questions:

  • Which of God’s promises are the most important to you right now?

Supplemental Activity: Have more advanced students research God’s promises in the Bible. Instruct them to choose one or more that are especially important to them right now. Have the students create a pice of art including these promises that they can display in their home when completed.

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