Great Free Resource for Creating Virtual Bible Games

One of the challenges COVID has given Bible class teachers is how to engage Bible students and their families in a virtual environment. We discovered a helpful online tool that would be free for most of you.

Kahoot is a game creation platform. You can create your own content or use games that others have created. A quick search revealed quite a few Bible trivia games that have already been created by others and are available for you to use.

Creating an account is free. If your games have ten players or less, you can use the sight for free. Paid accounts allow more players on a game at any one time. I had trouble getting the demonstration to work on my iPad, but creating the game was so intuitive, I really didn’t need it.

The free account comes with two templates, but I found it easier to start from scratch. You can choose the type of questions you use as well as the content. Your game can have multiple choice, true/false, type in the correct answer or put answers in the correct order. You can also use Kahoot to take a poll, a short answer poll or an unlimited response poll. Slides can be inserted into the game to give more information to players.

After writing each question, you will need to type in possible answers and/or indicate the correct response. There is also a place to insert photos with each question to make it more visually appealing. They have a link to Getty photos or you can use your own or photos from free sites like Pixabay.

The site allows you to save drafts if you don’t have time to finish creating a game. It also saves all of your previous games should you want to use them again. The “discover” function allows you to search for and use games others have created.

To play, each student or family would need to have the access code…similar to how Zoom is used. I haven’t actually played a game on the site yet, but it’s regularly suggested by secular educators, so it must work well.

Why not have a virtual game night with your students or your students and their families? In addition to Bible trivia, you can develop games around application principles or other similar Bible class topics.

Once COVID is over, Kahoot would still be a fun way to connect with some of your students online between classes to review information or give them additional practice. It’s one of those resources that can help enhance your Bible class and extend your lessons.

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