It’s Your Birthday

Scripture: 1 Samuel 1-3

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review how Hannah had to pray many years and trust God before the birth of her son, Samuel.
  • Students will participate in assembling a birthday basket for children whose families cannot afford to celebrate it.  

Guiding Question: How can we help fortunate children celebrate their birthday?

Materials: boxes, wrapping paper/bows, small gifts (bouncy ball, beads, crayon box, etc.), marker, large piece of paper, things to make a birthday kit with: cake mix with minimal ingredients, frosting, candles (possibly LED), disposable cake pans, decorative disposable birthday plates and utensils, wrapping paper, balloons, a small gift such as a puzzle, book, ball or small stuffed animal etc.

Procedure: Review the story of Samuel and Hannah focusing on the many years that Hannah had to pray and the joy that she experienced when God faithfully blessed her with a son. Have students share ways that they celebrate their birthday. You can have a few people tell the whole group, and then have them turn and tell the person next to them so that if they weren’t called on, they don’t feel like they missed out on sharing aloud. Explain to students that it costs money and time to put a birthday celebration together. Everyone likes for others to remember their birthday because it makes them feel special. Tell students that they get to help a child in a foster home, family shelter or whatever venue you chose celebrate their birthday.

Show students a box or basket and tell them that they get to fill it with things to make a birthday kit. Make a list as a group of things to put in the kit. Have students volunteer to bring something from the list. Put the kit together next time you meet. If time and transportation allows, students could go shopping for supplies together. If students cannot bring these things, supply them and have students come forward and pick something to put in the kit. If possible, students can deliver the birthday kit to the place of your choice.

Additional Question:

  • How do you feel when people remember you on your birthday? How would it feel if you did not get to celebrate it?

Supplemental Activity: Access a list of birthdays of people in your church who are in the hospital, away at college, overseas, or in a nursing home. Write birthday cards to these people who are not able to celebrate at home. Let students use their creativity with construction paper, stickers, markers etc.

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