Hybrid Bible Classes Post COVID

How did you teach your Bible class of kids or teens during COVID? Hopefully, many of you made use of technology to hold Bible class virtually. While many ministries are making the move back to in person Bible classes, there is a strong case to be made for continuing a hybrid learning model.

The ideal is for students to attend their Bible class in person. It builds stronger relationships and allows the class to do activities that are difficult when every student is in a different location. There are some instances though, where certain children and teens would benefit greatly from continuing to have access to an online Bible class.

  • For those living in isolated areas or places with no appropriate Bible class for their age group. This may particularly be a need in the case of the children of missionaries or for children who live in rural areas. Often there may be no classes for children or children are grouped in ways that make it difficult for them to learn about God in age appropriate ways. Having access to an age appropriate Bible class can help them continue to grow spiritually in less than ideal environments.
  • For those with chronic health issues or autoimmune difficulties. Some children are well enough to participate in an online class, but it isn’t comfortable or safe for their own health to attend in person. Participating in an online class can help them feel less isolated.
  • As an aide to transitioning families. Moving at certain ages can be traumatic. The ability to connect virtually with previous friends during a Bible class can help make the transition easier in some cases.
  • For check-ins between classes. Are students working on a project at home? Do they need some encouragement to read their Bibles every day? Are they working on a service project or play? Having a virtual class check in between classes can keep students engaged in whatever you want them to accomplish between classes.
  • For vacationing students. Many families opt to miss church entirely when on vacation. If your students are excited about what you are doing in class, they may participate virtually from anywhere – allowing them to get at least a little Bible study done while traveling.
  • For weather days. Schools have stopped giving snow days because of virtual learning. The next time your church can’t meet because of weather, why not provide an online Bible class? For some kids, it can be important to have that positive interaction.

If you haven’t taught virtually yet, setting up a ring light in your classroom or home works great. It holds your phone and some even come with a remote to turn the camera off and on. You can use a free Zoom account or get the paid option if you want more features. For very little money, you can provide young people with hybrid Bible classes. Most won’t need them, but for the few who do, it can be life changing.

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