Hydrated and Healthy

Scripture: Genesis 12, 15 and 20

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God made Abram a very special promise.
  • Students will learn Abram lived in Haran in what is now southern Turkey.
  • Students will learn Abram obeyed God even when he didn’t totally understand where God was leading him.
  • Students will learn Abram lied twice about his relationship with Sarai.
  • Students will learn others suffered because of Abram’s lies.
  • Students will learn God hates lies.
  • Students will learn sin often has earthly consequences, which can hurt us and/or others.
  • Students will learn how hydration affects the human body.

Guiding Question: Why is staying hydrated important for our health and survival?

Materials: Potatoes cut into chunks, three clear cups, water, soda water, salt, timer, paper, pencils

Procedure: Review the story of Abram, focusing especially on God telling Abram to leave his homeland and go to a place God would show him. Discuss with the students the questions and worries Abram may have had in his mind. Ask the students how God gives us instructions today. Remind students that God will never ask them to do anything that goes against the Bible or its commands and principles. Explain that it is ok the Abram may have thought about how will God provide and he had to trust that God would be faithful and provide. We have to have faith to even when times are tough and be careful not to doubt God and His work.

Explain that Abraham and his family had to travel long distances in hot weather when God sent them on their journey. Remind students that it’s important to stay hydrated in hot weather especially when exercising. Have students experiment with hydration. Tell students that a potato has an amount of water in it similar to the human body (about 80%). Then give students chunks of potatoes. Have them place one in tap water, one in soda water (high sugar soda) and one covered in salt. Have them record what happens to the chunks of potato over time. Students may wish to test other liquids to see how they may help or hurt hydration.

Additional Questions: How can students understand that effect dehydration has on something that is living?

Supplemental Activity: Plant the same flower in two different cups. Talk with students about what plants need to survive, emphasizing water and hydration. Water one plant but do not water the other. The next week, have the students check on the plants and note the differences. Explain how this is similar to what can happen to our bodies when we don’t drink enough water.

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