Elijah and the Famine

Scripture: I Kings 16:29-17:24

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn hard times can happen even to those who follow God.
  • Students will learn God does not desert us in hard times, but like He did for Elijah, God cares for us during difficult times.
  • Students will learn God sometimes (but not always in the ways we want!) blesses us in earthly ways for our obedience.
  • Students will learn what life may have been like during a famine.

Guiding Question: How can students learn what life was like during a famine?

Materials: Whole grain flour, olive oil, salt, cooking utensils in link: https://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/whole-grain-flatbread-chapati-recipe

Procedure: Review the story of Elijah from the scriptures above. Introduce the students to Elijah – the only person besides Enoch to never die, but taken by God while still alive and prototype for John the Baptist (which caused some confusion in the time of Jesus). He was present at the Transfiguration and was considered to be THE prophet by the Jews. Elijah’s name means Yahweh is my God, after the brook dried up Elijah went to Sidon, a Gentile country where Jezebel’s father was king. The widow is yet another example in the Old Testament when God foreshadows Christianity being open to all people. Note James 5:17-18. Also note Baal was the “storm” god thought to bring rain. For Elijah to declare God was sending a prolonged drought would have been a direct challenge between the power of God and the fake god Baal.

Have students make bread using only whole grain flour and olive oil (may want to add a pinch of salt). After baking, as students eat, discuss what it must have been like for the famine to be so bad that eating a little of this every day (and no other foods) was considered a blessing. 

Additional Questions: How can students learn to be grateful for small blessings in their life?

Supplemental Activity: Talk with students about what we can be thankful for during everyday life and even in difficult times. Have the students create a gratitude journal to write down every day what they are thankful for.

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