Moving Away

Scripture: Genesis 21-23

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Abraham, God’s Promises and Isaac.
  • Students will learn Abraham sent Hagar and Ishmael away.
  • Students will learn/review items associated with moving or that would be moved.
  • Students will participate in an activity to practice using moving words.

Guiding Question: What words are important to know if one is planning to move?

Materials: boxes marked with various rooms in the house, word cards representing various objects that would go in the various rooms in the house (multiple sets if possible)

Procedure: Review the story of Abraham focusing especially on the story of Hagar and Ishmael being cast out. Discuss with the students how Ishmael and Hagar had to move to a new location and start over again. Teach/review words of various objects found in a house and the rooms where they might be found. Show students boxes marked with the names of various rooms in a house.

Give the students sets of cards with various objects. Have them place the words in the box representing the room where the objects would most likely be found. If multiple sets are available, you may want to make it a race to see who can pack their house quickly and correctly.

Additional Questions:

  • What words would you need to give directions to a mover to find your new home?

Supplemental Activity: Have more advanced students learn/review directional words and practice giving directions to a “mover” that will take them from one place to another. Have the “mover” follow the directions on a map and see if they end up where the person was directing them.

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