Is That Your Coat of Many Colors?

Scripture: Genesis 37

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Joseph focusing especially on his jealous brothers.
  • Students will learn that God gives each of us different gifts and opportunities meant especially for us.
  • Students will learn no gifts or opportunities are better or more important in the eyes of God.
  • Students will participate in an activity to help them begin to identify the gifts and opportunities God has given them.

Guiding Question: What gifts and opportunities does God give us to serve Him?

Materials: Sheet of white paper or water color paper, pencils, water color paints, paint brushes and black sharpies

Procedure: Review the story of Joseph, focusing especially on how Joseph’s brothers were jealous of the opportunities God seemed to indicate (in Joseph’s dreams) would be given to him. Explain that if Joseph’s brothers had spent more time focusing on the gifts and opportunities God had and would give them they would have been happier and more productive. Tell students God never wants us to be jealous of the gifts and opportunities He may have given to others. To God, all gifts and opportunities are equally important. He wants us to focus on identifying and developing the gifts and take advantage of the opportunities He gives us.

Give students paper, pencils and water color paints. Have them draw a very large coat and decorate it with many colors. Have students write beside each color a gift or opportunity God has given him or her. If students are struggling for ideas encourage other students to share the gifts or opportunities that they believe God has given them. Young children may need help from adults to think of and write some gifts and opportunities. When students have completed their personal “coats of many colors” from God, allow them to share what they wrote with the class. Spend any remaining time discussing how students can develop and be used by God.

Additional Questions:

  • What are ways you can use the gifts God gave you to serve Him?

Supplemental Activity: Have students create their own “stars” and fill each star with practical ideas of ways to develop and use their gifts to serve God. Students may need to help each other think of more ideas.

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