It’s All Linked

Scripture: Genesis 37

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the beginning story in the life go Joseph.
  • Students will learn how one event causes an effect on another using the story of Joseph.

Guiding Question: How does one event effect another event in a story?

Paper strips for each child
Glue sticks

Procedure: Have students read the introduction story of Joseph. Discuss how Joseph’s life is a chain of closely linked events. Things in life do not normally happen just by chance.

After students have reviewed the key events of the story, give them a first event (example: Joseph was born to Jacob who was old) and have students list as many effects as they can for the event. This can be discussed in groups. Make sure to emphasize that they are looking for effects and not just events that occurred after the given event. This will include events that might not have been in the sequencing game. Encourage students to explain their choices so that they see connections.

Next, have them write what they think is the most imminent and important effect on a strip of paper. Glue the ends of the paper together to make a circle. Link this to the first event as a chain. Continue by asking what this event caused to happen next. Write the new cause on a link and connect it with its effect. Make more links until you reach the end of the story. Discuss how events in our life are connected and that God always has a plan in mind even when we do not see what will happen later.

Reread the first link and the last link and highlight that even though they do not seem directly related, they are linked by all of the little closely-related events. Tell students that Joseph suffered hardship, but that he was later rewarded by being second in command over Egypt, which they can read about later in Exodus.

Additional Questions:

  • Can one event have more than one effect? What is an example?
  • Can one event have more than one cause? What is an example?
  • What causes and effects have you seen in your life?
  • Do we always know all of the effects of a decision before we make it? Why?

Supplemental Activity: Have students imagine the story if just one event had been changed. What would the effect have been? Have them retell or rewrite how the rest of the story would have been different.

Written by: Savannah Negas

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