The Coat of Many Gifts

Scripture: Genesis 37

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Joseph, his early dreams and the coat of many colors.
  • Students will learn that God gives each person different gifts and we should not be jealous of other’s gifts.
  • Students will learn that God wants us to use our gifts to serve Him.
  • Students will participate in an activity to begin discovering the gifts God may have given them to serve Him.

Guiding Question: What gifts did God give you to serve Him?

Materials: large sheets of white paper, strips of paper in various lengths and colors and glue sticks

Procedure: Review the story of Joseph focusing on his early dreams and the coat Jacob gave him. Discuss with the students why the brothers were jealous of Joseph. Explain that the other brothers had special gifts too (Judah was an ancestor of Jesus for example.) They were too busy being jealous though to find, develop and use the gifts God gave them.

Explain to the students That God fives each of us special gifts to use to serve Him. Each of them may have a different number or different types of gifts, but they are all equal to God. Give each student a sheet of white paper. Have them write their name on the top. Give each student strips of paper of different lengths and colors. Have them write on each strip a gift they think God may have given them. Encourage them to think of things in addition to talents like joy, patience, good listener, etc. Then have students rotate to each others seats and write down others gifts they think each student may have on additional colored strips. Have students give strips of paper to make their own coat of many colors.

Additional Questions:

  • What gifts does God give people and how can they be used to serve Him?

Supplemental Activity: Have the students create a list of gifts God gives people and how they can be used to serve Him. Encourage them to ask adult Christians to add to their list. Have them share the completed list of gifts and ideas with others.

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