Leading to Serve

Scripture: Deuteronomy 31

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn the Moses told the people that God had chosen Joshua to be their leader after he died.
  • Students will learn that Joshua had been preparing for the roleof leader for more than forty years.
  • Students will learn that sometimes God may take years to prepare us for something He wants us to do.
  • Students will participate in an activity to practice godly leadership skills.

Guiding Question: How can we lead other like Joshua did?

Materials: will vary depending upon the service project

Procedure: Share the story of Joshua being introduced as leader in Deuteronomy 31. Remind the students that for years Joshua had served under Moses as his special assistant. Explain that Joshua probably learned many of the skills he needed to a godly leader from watching Moses and learning from him what he needed to do. Joshua also had been involved in situations when he was a witness to the things God had said and done while Moses led.

Explain to students that as Christians they will all lead others in their lives in some way. It may be for something big like Joshua leading the people into the Promised Land or something like a service project or ministry or definitely leading people to learn about Jesus and how to obey God.
Ask the students what qualities godly leaders like Joshua should have. Add any additional qualities you believe are important. Ask the students how they can begin developing those qualities.
Explain that one way to learn how to lead is to start by working on a team to lead a service project. They will learn a lot of leadership lessons along the way.

Have the students look through the service project ideas found on the Teach One Reach One website. Once the students have chosen a service project guide them in planning, advertising and executing the chosen project. (Note: This activity may take several weeks to complete depending upon the size and scope of the project.)

Additional Question:

  • The Bible gives specific qualities to be an elder in the church. What are they and why would those qualities be important?

Supplemental Activity: Have the students research the qualities of elders listed in the Bible. Using research and interviews the students should analyze the list. Very advanced students may also want to research how the church can help better prepare their peers to become church leaders in the future.

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