Growing Plants

Scripture: 1 Samuel 8-11

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God has a plan and it is in our best interest to follow it.
  • Students will learn God will sometimes allow us to have what we want (even when it is not in our best interest) in order for us to learn important lessons.
  • Students will learn God chooses people to lead for reasons people may not understand.
  • Students will learn about the factors that impact plant growth.

Guiding Question: What do plants need to grow well?

Materials: Photos of different plants

Procedure: Review the story of God allowing the people to have a king even though he warned them that a King would make them do things that they did not like. God knew what was best for them, but gave them what they wanted, which they would later regret. Kings had the power to get what they wanted. That included making people do things. Sometimes it seems easier to ask a person for instructions. However, God is the best one to go to when we need to know what to do. Always ask for God’s guidance.

Introduce the activity. Remind students that King Saul was a head taller than everyone else. Ask the students what they think makes some plants grow taller than others. After students share, show students various plants and talk about the different factors that impact plant growth. Have students experiment to see who can grow the largest, healthiest plant using various types of soils, fertilizers and other factors.

Additional Questions: How can students experiment with plant growth?

Supplemental Activity: Have students participate in growing a bean plant while reviewing what factors are involved in the growth of the plant

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