Encouraging Our Leaders

Scripture: I Kings 1-3, I Chronicles 29 and 2 Chronicles 1

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn it is important for parents to remind even their adult children to obey God.
  • Students will learn it is important to seek godly wisdom over material things.
  • Students will learn sometimes God will also choose to bless us with material things, but God is more concerned we have godly wisdom.
  • Students will participate in a service project that encourages them. 

Guiding Question: How can students encourage leaders?

Materials: Cards, envelopes, pens, pencils

Procedure: Review the story of Solomon from the scriptures above. Remind students how godly wisdom is more beneficial to us than wisdom that culture may teach us. God wants us to have godly wisdom so we can know when to make the right decisions and avoid sin and mistakes. Godly wisdom is more important than any material possession because it will lead to life with God and lead us on a path away from sin.

Introduce the service project. Have students pray for leaders in their area and around the world. Have them make cards or write letters letting a specific leader they are studying the story of King Solomon asking God for wisdom. Encourage them to let the leader know they are praying for him or her to seek God’s wisdom when making decisions. Make sure the letters are actually sent to the leaders…there is a chance your students may receive a response especially if they mention their age and their letter is heartfelt.

Additional Questions: How can students teach others about godly wisdom?

Supplemental Activity: Have the students create a video teaching others about the importance of godly wisdom and how to use wisdom in day to day situations. Students can share the video with younger students.

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