White as Snow

Scripture: Isaiah 1:16, 55:10-11

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn that Jesus’ death and resurrection erased our sins.
  • Students will learn that God sees us as pure because of Jesus’ sacrifice.
  • Students will participate in an experiment testing how long it takes ice to melt.

Guiding Question: How does Jesus’ sacrifice affect our sins?

Materials: Ice, muffin tins, salt, sugar, pepper, warm water, cold water

Procedure: Review Isaiah 1:16 and 55:10-11. Explain that in these scriptures, snow is referenced. Explain that students may have heard people say Jesus’ washed away our sins to be as white as snow. This means that Jesus’ death and resurrection has wiped away our sins and God sees us as pure. Snow is white and white is often a color used to represent pureness and cleanliness.

Introduce the experiment. Divide students into groups and give each small group of students a muffin tin. Have them place an ice cube in each cup of the tin. Then have them experiment adding different things ( salt, sugar, pepper, warm water, cold water, air, etc.) to each cup and timing how long it takes the ice cube to melt. Have the students hypothesize which methods will work faster and then record their findings. Have the students consider the following questions: Which methods worked faster? Which would have still worked if the temperature around the tin were below freezing?

Additional Questions: How long does ice take to melt under sunlight?

Supplemental Activity: Have the students place three pieces of ice in a cup. Have them make a hypothesis about how long it will take the ice to melt. Then have the students place the cups under direct sunlight (or lamp if needed) and have the students time how long the ice takes to completely melt.

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