Appropriate Apologies

Scripture: Genesis 31-33

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn we can trust in God’s promises to us in the Bible
  • Students will learn God can use us, even after we have made mistakes.
  • Students will learn people can change and grow with God’s help.
  • Students will learn it is important to forgive others.

Guiding Question:  How can apologies be made in a godly manner?

Materials: Example apology scenarios to give students

Procedure: Review the story of Jacob and Esau reuniting. Remind students it had been many years since the two brothers had seen each other. The last time they had been together was about the time Jacob cheated Esau out of his blessing. Jacob was willing to humble himself and beg for Esau’s forgiveness. Esau forgave Jacob and the two brothers restored their relationship. Explain to the students that God expects us to ask Him for forgiveness when we sin. God also expects us to forgive others who hurt us in some way. When we have hurt others, God expects us to apologize in a godly way that will mend what was hurt.

Introduce the activity. Have students discuss and practice the parts of an apology – saying what you did wrong, saying what you will change so it won’t happen again, doing what you can to repair any damage you caused, and asking for forgiveness. Give students various scenarios they may encounter at home or school when they made need to apologize. Have them practice making a complete apology. Students may need to work through scenarios together as this method of apologizing is not routinely taught to children.

Example scenarios: Stealing from a friend, lying to a parent, calling a friend a mean name, breaking a promise, cheating on homework

Additional Questions: How can students remember the appropriate way to apologize?

Supplemental Activity: On a small piece of paper, have each student create a checklist of the steps for an appropriate apology. Have the students keep it up with them or put it up somewhere that they see often to remind them of how to apologize in a godly way.

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