I Don’t Feel Well

Scripture: Genesis 31-33

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Jacob leaving and reuniting with Esau.
  • Students will learn that Jacob’s hip was damaged to remind him of his wrestling.
  • Students will learn/review the parts of the body and words needed on a doctor’s visit.
  • Students will participate in an activity to practice using words needed during a visit to the doctor.

Guiding Question: What words are needed on a visit to the doctor’s office?

Materials: none (having costumes and props will make the activity more fun)

Procedure: Review the story of Jacob focusing especially on Jacob’s hip that was damaged after wrestling. Teach/review words for body parts and other words that may be used during a visit to the doctor. Have students role play life in a busy doctor’s office. Students playing patients should each have a large number of body parts causing them problems. Have students rotate roles if time allows.

Additional Questions:

  • What additional words might be used by a patient in the hospital?

Supplemental Activity: Have students repeat the activity, except this time the setting is a hospital. Encourage them to use the additional vocabulary words properly.

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