Staying Close to God

Scripture: Genesis 31-33

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn that Jacob wrestled with God and it left his hip socket damaged.
  • Students will learn to this day many Jews will not eat that portion of meat to remind them to stay close to God.
  • Students will learn today we stay close to God by reading our bibles and praying.
  • Students will learn to participate in an activity to help them remember to read their bibles and pray

Guiding Question: How can we stay close to God?

Materials: dollar store plates (one for each student), permanent markers (you may want to preprint scripture around the rim of each plate).

Procedure: Review the story of Jacob leaving focusing especially on his experience wrestling with God. Tell students this is one of those stories that is difficult to understand. Many believe Jacob’s past showed he had a tendency to do things his own way and leave God out of the process. Perhaps this was God’s way of reminding Jacob to stop “wrestling” with God and follow God’s plans for his life. From that day until now many Jews will not eat the part of animal meat that is near the hip socked. They do it to remind themselves to stay close to God today.

Tell students that reading their bibles and praying will help them stay close to God. Give students plates with Psalm 119:103 written around the rim. (or allow students to write it) Tell students this will be the snack plate for a bible corner in their home. It will be a place where their bible, this plate and maybe a blanket can stay all of the time. The bible corner will remind them to stay close to God and read their bibles. Have the students decorate their plates with their favorite bible story. (Note: decorations are not dishwasher safe).

Additional Questions:

  • What is a good plan to help kids to learn to read their bibles?

Supplemental Activity: Have students research various plans people suggest for reading the bible. Have them share with the class the ones they feel will work best for student their age.

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