Inner Beauty

Scripture: Genesis 29-30

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn we can trust in God’s promises to us in the Bible
  • Students will learn God’s plans and timing are perfect
  • Students will learn God expects us to obey Him, follow His plans and wait for His timing
  • Students will learn God’s plans will ultimately succeed even if someone tries to ruin them.
  • Students will learn that God looks at and cares more about the heart of a person.

Guiding Question: Why does God care more about our heart?

Materials: Printed photos of several people, large sheet of construction paper, pencils, crayons

Procedure: Review the story of Jacob Starts a Family from the scripture above. Remind students that the man Jacob was working for had two daughters and have students share why Jacob wanted to marry Rachel rather than Leah. Have students share if they think it is easy or common to quickly judge someone by appearance. Why or why not? Explain that God looks at the heart/inner beauty to see who is truly a believer in Him and has a heart for sharing Christ with others.

Introduce the activity about judging by appearance. Show the students photos of various people. Have students share why some would be considered more beautiful than others like Rachel and Leah. Give students a large sheet of paper. Have them draw a beautiful, godly heart and an ugly, ungodly heart. Encourage students to write or draw the things that God may see in each heart. Have students share their hearts and add others ideas to their hearts. Encourage students to look at hearts and not faces and bodies when looking for beauty

Additional Questions: How can students gather ideas about how to have a heart that is for God?

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