Sheep Herder Wanted

Scripture: Genesis 29-30

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Jacob’s life focusing on his work for Laban.
  • Students will learn family members often served as shepherds but some families also had servants who cared for their flocks.
  • Students will learn Jacob began wiring as a family member, but Laban later offered him wages.
  • Students will learn words needed when applying for and working jobs.
  • Students will participate in an activity to help them practice using words used in employment situations properly.

Guiding Question: What words do you need to use to seek employment?

Materials: None needed, but the more props and costumes you have, the more fun this activity will be

Procedure: Review the story of Jacob, focusing on how he worked for Laban as a family member and then Laban later offered him wages. Teach/review words commonly used when seeking employment and when dealing with Human Resources documents. If you have access to volunteers who actually hire and process new employees, have them play those roles. If not, students can take turns playing the roles of job seekers and those hiring and processing employees. Ask the remainder of your students to play the role of someone seeking a job and then working with a Human Resources department to complete everything necessary to begin work.

If your students are currently seeking new or better employment, give them extra assistance by having volunteers critique their performance and give suggestions for coming across even better in interviews. For the Human Resources portion of the role play, you may want to have students complete sample applications, tax forms and other common human resource documents.

Additional Questions:

  • What words do you need to know for the occupation you hope to have?

Supplemental Activity: Have advanced students research and learn the appropriate vocabulary words for their particular occupation

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