Whose Sheep Are They?

Scripture: Genesis 29-30

Learning Objectives:

  • Student will learn Laban offered some of his animals to Jacob for his pay.
  • Student will learn Jacob asked for only the animals that were speckled, spotted or dark. Animals that were streaked and light would belong to Laban.
  • Student will review how to put data into bar and pie graphs.
  • Student will participate in an activity to help them practice taking data and using it to create bar and pie graphs.

Guiding Question: How can we use data to create bar and pie graphs?

Materials: paper, pens, markers, (optional: toy or paper sheep and or goat of different types)

Procedure: Review the story of Jacob focusing especially on the agreement between Jacob and Laban about the animals each would own. Demonstrate to students how to take a “flock” of six spotted sheep, seven streaked goats, three dark goats and one light sheep would look in bar graph and a pie graph with a bar or pie piece for each group. Then demonstrate how to combine Jacob’s animals into a bar or pie piece and Laban’s combined animals into another bar or pie piece. Who had the larger flock? Divide the students into pairs (with toy or paper animals if available). Have them give each other different combinations of animals and create bar and pie graphs to reflect the animals they were given.

Additional Questions:

  • What is a Venn diagram and how can we use it to display data?

Supplemental Activity: Have advanced students research Venn diagrams. Can they create a Venn diagram representing Jacob’s flock as a part of Laban’s entire flock?

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