Which Way Is Up?

Scripture: Genesis 27-28

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Jacob’s blessing and dream, focusing on the idea Jacob was traveling when he had the dream.
  • Students will learn Jacob had to travel in certain specific directions to arrive where his father told him to go.
  • Students will learn/review basic directional words (right, left, up, down, under, above, below, etc.).
  • Students will participate in an activity to help them practice reading and writing basic directional words.

Guiding Question: What words do we need to be able to read and write in order to follow basic directions to find something?

Materials: small objects to hide around your classroom space, paper and pencils

Procedure: Review the story of Jacob focusing on the idea Jacob was traveling when he had the dream. Explain that Jacob had to follow specific directions in order to travel to where his father told him to go. Teach/review basic directional words with the students. Give each student a small object to place somewhere in the room (if you don’t have objects, students can choose an object they see and use it instead.)

Have students write specific directions someone can follow to find the object. Encourage them to use as many of the directional words you have practiced as possible. After students have completed writing their directions, have them give their written directions to another student. Have the students read the directions they are given and try to identify the object to which they were given directions. You may want to repeat the activity more than once if time allows to give students additional practice.

Additional Questions:

  • What other words are used when giving someone directions?

Supplemental Activity: Have more advanced students learn directions like east, west, north and south or even more advanced ones like those used in boating. Have them repeat the activity using these more advanced directionals words and concepts.

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