Fun With Puppets

Scripture: John 4:46-54

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn the second miracle Jesus performed was healing a sick boy.
  • Students will learn Jesus performed miracles to help people understand he was the Messiah.
  • Students will learn Jesus cares not only that we believe in him, but he cares when we are ill or are suffering.
  • Students will participate in a service project where they create sock and finger puppets for children in a local hospital.

Guiding Question: How can sharing God with sick children provide them encouragement?

Materials: Socks, googly eyes, puffy paint, Finger puppets:

Procedure: Review the story of Jesus Heals A Boy from the scriptures above. Remind students that miracles we read about in the Bible were used to help people better understand who Jesus was and encourage them to become Christians. Have students share times when something great has happened because of God’s faithfulness. Tell the students that God cares for us all the time – when life is good or difficult. Sometimes when life is difficult for others, it is hard for them to remember that God cares for them. As Christians, we should encourage others with God’s word.

Introduce the service project. Have the students create sock puppets and finger puppets to give to children who are ill in the hospital. Once the students create them, they can go with you to the hospital to deliver them and can share a devotional with the children. (Be sure to check with the hospital for guidelines, adjust lesson if needed)

Additional Questions: How can serving children teach them more about God?

Supplemental Activity: Have the students create a fundraiser where they raise money/take donations for children’s Bibles to provide children in a local hospital. Prior to the fundraiser, check with the hospital to see what families would be interested and if the students would be able to read the some Bible stories with the children when they deliver the Bibles.

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