Action Verbs

Scripture: Matthew 14:23-27, Mark 6:47-50, John 6:17-21

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn Jesus wants us to have faith in him.
  • Students will learn it is important for us to never take our focus off of Jesus.
  • Students will learn if we ask him, Jesus will help us put our focus back on him when we allow ourselves to get distracted.
  • Students will learn how action verbs are used.

Guiding Question: How can students learn what an action verb is?

Materials: None needed

Procedure: Review the story of Jesus walking on water from the scriptures above. Remind the students that when Peter took his eyes of Jesus, he lost focus and started sinking. Tell students that when we take our eyes off Jesus and focus on other things instead of Him, we can lose track of our purpose and not make the best choices. By staying focused on Jesus in every situation, we can ensure that we make good choices and follow what He wants us to do.

Introduce the activity. You will teach/review action verbs. Explain that action verbs show an action that is being done. Model walking across the room and explain that the action verb that fits your action is “walk”. Have students take turns acting out various action verbs while other students try to guess the appropriate verb

Additional Questions: How can students demonstrate understanding of action verbs?

Supplemental Activity: Have the students work in pairs or groups no bigger than four. The students will make a short video showing 4-5 different actions and explaining what action verb goes with each action.

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