Our God Is For Us

Scripture: 1 Samuel 14

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn nothing is impossible if it is part of God’s Plan.
  • Students will learn God can often use people to do things they did not think they were capable of doing if they trust in God and obey Him.
  • Students will learn godly people sometimes suffer the consequences of the ungodly decisions of other people.
  • Students will learn God is powerful and always with them through every problem.

Guiding Question: How does God’s strength and power help us through all of our problems and help us be used for his Kingdom?

Materials: Wooden picture frames (one for each student), markers, washable paint, students’ pictures

Procedure: Review the story of Jonathan attacking the Philistines. Emphasize that Jonathan had enough faith and trust in God to know that God would would protect Him and do the impossible if it was part of His will. Tell the students that God is with us no matter how big or small the problem is. God is all powerful and His will comes to pass (but we don’t always get our way). Share this verse with the students –  “I Samuel 14:6b “Perhaps the Lord will help us. If He does, it won’t matter how many or few of us there are. That won’t keep the Lord from saving us.”. Ask them how they feel that God could use them to help others and serve Him? How could God’s power and strength be used to help them serve others and get through anything they are struggling with?

Give each students a wooden picture frame. Have them decorate the frame and write the Bible verse 1 Samuel 14:6b on it. Take the each student’s picture and print the pictures while they are working to put in the frame when they are finished. (If needed, take the pictures the week prior and have them developed). Talk with the students about how they can display this frame in their bedroom or somewhere else in their home that they stay in often to remind them that they are important for God’s Kingdom and His strength/power will always help them serve God and get through difficult situations.

Additional Questions: How can we remember that God uses His strength and power to keep His promises?
Supplemental Activity: Have each student make a mosaic of a cross with tissues paper and write the verse 1 Samuel 14:6b at the top. At the bottom, have the students write promises God makes and will keep that involve His strength and power.

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