Establish Your House for the Lord

Scripture: Joshua 22-24

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn Joshua’s last advice and example to the Israelites before he died.
  • Students will create an artistic reminder of their decision to serve the Lord using sticks, a heavy duty background and markers.

Guiding Questions:

How did Joshua provide a positive example for the Israelites before he died?

How can we make a special reminder of our decision to serve God in all circumstances?

Materials: twigs, board such as heavy cardboard, mat board, or board canvas, markers, sticker paper with Joshua 24:15 printed on it, heavy duty glue such as tacky glue or hot glue.

Procedure: Review the story of Joshua saying farewell to the Israelites. Emphasize Joshua 24:15 “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua had been a strong leader and wanted to leave the Israelites with his last instruction of wisdom. The tribes would then be going out into their own parts of the Promised Land and the Judges would rule. No matter what others did, Joshua set the example to serve only God. Discuss the importance of choosing to do what is right before difficult situations arise. By making the decision early on, you will have a firm foundation when others try to tempt you to do otherwise.

Then have students make a work of art to serve as a reminder about their steadfast decision to serve God in all circumstances. Take heavy cardboard, mat board or board canvas for the background. Then use small sticks/ twigs to make a rustic outline of a house (two walls and roof). Have Joshua 24:15 pre-printed on sticker or label paper for students to add to the top. Or students can write the verse. Finally, have students draw their family inside the house. Encourage students to display this art in a prominent place so that they can remember their decision and be encouraged.

Additional Questions:

  • How do we show that we serve God with our lives?
  • What made Joshua a good leader?
  • When is it hard to only serve God? What can distract us?
  • Tell of a time when you or someone you know trusted God.

Supplemental Activity: If time allows, let students go outside and pick out the twigs/small sticks themselves. Discuss how they are making the foundation and structure for their house as they are picking out their materials. When they think about establishing the structure of their lives they should make God the firm foundation. If we select the wrong materials, our whole lives will suffer. Just like the wood of a house provides stability and protection, God provides for us.

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