Stone Stories

Scripture: Joshua 22-24

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn Joshua’s advice to Israel during his farewell speech.
  • Students will illustrate Israel’s history on small stones to help them retell the story.

Guiding Questions:

What were the main events in Israel’s history that show God’s faithfulness and plan for his people?

How can we make storytelling more interesting and prompt our memory of the key events?

Why is history important?

Materials: 3-8 smooth stones per child (or paper stones), paint, small bag per child

Procedure: Review the story of Joshua’s farewell address focusing on his review of Israel’s history in Joshua 24. Point out that Joshua set up a stone as a reminder to the Israelites of their dedication to God in Joshua 24: 26-27.Discuss the sequence of events and the importance of remembering history so that we learn from the past. Joshua was reminding the people of God’s faithfulness to them so that they would remain faithful to God.

Tell students that they will practice retelling stories using creative story stones. Give students 3-8 stones. If you cannot find enough stones that can be painted for all of the students, cut out small gray or brown ovals as representations. Then have students paint/draw parts of the stories on each stone. They can use simple symbols to demonstrate each part of the story from Joshua 24, which provides an excellent, general overview. Older students can write key words to prompt their memory when retelling.

Let them practice retelling the story using their stones. For older students explain how using simple words and symbols is a great way to remember the basics of a story when you cannot write down all the details. This will be helpful for them when they have to memorize information or give speeches. Stones also are more interesting and provide a visual for a listener. Give each student a small bag to keep their stones in. Point out that Joshua used a stone as a reminder to the Israelites of their allegiance to God.

Parts of the story that they might want to illustrate are listed below:
• God leads Abraham to Canaan
• Jacob goes to Egypt
• Moses is sent and Egypt suffers plagues
• Moses parts the Red Sea
• God helps Israel defeat many enemies such as the Amorites
• Crossing the Jordan River
• Fall of Jericho
• Israelites receive the Promised Land

Additional Questions:

  • How do story stones make it easier to share Israel’s story?
  • What do you think were the most important parts of Joshua’s farewell address?

Supplemental Activity: Have students make testimony story stones using events from their own lives. They can pattern it after Israel’s experiences. Each stone will illustrate a time in their life when God played a big role in their life. Encourage students to use these when sharing their faith with friends.

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