Ministry From a Growth Mindset

The most impactful Bible class teachers and people in ministry are not necessarily the best looking or the wealthiest. They don’t have to be the most intelligent or the funniest. They don’t even necessarily have to be the best natural teachers or exceptionally adept at ministry.

What the most impactful Bible class teachers and people in ministry almost universally have is humility and a willingness – a thirst – for learning and growing. They have a growth mindset – an attitude that there is always something they can learn that will help them be more effective in helping people be who God wants them to be. They never reach the place where they believe they are the very best they can be.

God can use these humble people because they are still searching His words and praying for His guidance. They are aware when He uses people or circumstances to guide them to do something new or different. He knows they will take advantage of the opportunities He gives them to learn from other Christians and even non-Christians who have knowledge or experience that will help them be even more effective in their ministry.

Show me a Bible class teacher or someone in ministry who lacks humility, who doesn’t read scripture or listen thoughtfully to the counsel of others, who doesn’t pray regularly or read books and articles that can hone knowledge and skills – and I will show you a Christian who is not nearly as impactful and effective as God wants them to be. I will show you someone who may be hurting others or themself because they won’t listen and heed godly advice. Someone who is missing opportunities or wasting resources because they weren’t able to see God’s direction.

If you want to be as effective in teaching or some other ministry as God wants you to be, have a growth mindset. Be humble. Keep listening and learning. Keep reading and praying. Don’t ever believe you have arrived. Because that may be the day you realize you have lost your way.

Categories Encouragement, Mentoring
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