Unique Gifts

Scripture: Numbers 12

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn that pride can cause even godly people to sin.
  • Students will learn that God wants His people to be humble.
  • Students will learn that God expects people to respect His prophets.
  • Students will learn how God uses different gifts in people for His good.

Guiding Question: How can students learn about their gifts and working with others?

Materials: Bibles for each student

Procedure: Teach the story of the conflict between Miriam, Aaron and Moses. Discuss the roles of the three siblings Miriam – prophet, song writer. Aaron – priest, speaker for Moses at times Moses – leader, prophet. Explain that the others were jealous of the attention Moses got because of his role as leader. Discuss that God gives each of us different gifts and different things He wants us to do to serve Him. Some roles may be more obvious than others, but that doesn’t mean God loves some people more than others. There is no need for us to be jealous of our siblings or anyone. 

Play a review game. Have the students try to group siblings in the Bible together. Can they remember the gifts God gave each sibling (if the Bible tells us). Did the siblings get along or did they let jealousy take over at some point?

Additional Questions: How can students use God’s Word to help solve conflict?

Supplemental Activity: Have the students research Bible verses about how to treat one another, even during times of conflict. After reviewing the verses found, discuss with the students when they could turn to those verses and how it would help the situation (disagreement with parent, argument with friend, etc.)

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