Scripture: Nehemiah

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God wants us to repent of our sins and be restored to Him.
  • Students will learn prayer is an important part of our relationship with God.
  • Students will learn we must be prepared to do what God wants us to do even in the face of opposition.
  • Students will learn how others feel when teased and how to respond.

Guiding Question: How can students learn the impact of teasing?

Materials: Props around the room to be used for pretend building

Procedure: Teach the story of Nehemiah including the importance of prayer, forgiveness, and being prepared to do what God asks of us. Tell the students that sometimes, they may feel that God is calling them to help a certain person or group of people. Praying to God and asking for His direction will help you figure out how to serve that person best. Explain to students that the books in the Bible are not in chronological order. Nehemiah is actually one of the last books in the Old Testament in chronological order. Nehemiah helped rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. They were thought to be about 2 ½ miles long, 39 feet high and 8 feet thick, and made of stone and mortar. 34 watchtowers, 7 main gates and 2 minor gates.

Have the students divide into two groups. One group tries to “rebuild” the wall, while the other mocks them. Then have the groups switch roles. Discuss how the students felt as they were trying to build the wall as people were teasing them. Ask them to imagine the work being much harder with heavy stones, etc. Would that have made them feel differently about the teasing? What if it went on for hours every day for day after day? What are some things God asks them to do that other people teasing them might make it more difficult to do?

Additional Questions: How can students learn to respond to teasing appropriately?

Supplemental Activity: Have the students work together to come up for Godly responses in situations where they may be teased. Talk with the students about what a Godly response looks like and why it is important.

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