My God-Given Talents

Scripture: Matt 25:14-30

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the parable of the talents.
  • Students will identify their talents and how they can use them to serve God.
  • Students will create a presentation of their talents and perform for peers.

Guiding Question: How can we use our talents for God?

Materials: None

Procedure: Review the parable of the talents. Explain how a talent in Jesus’ time was a measurement for currency and was worth several years’ wages for an average worker. Make the connection between the talent as a currency and talents as abilities. Ask students for examples of things that they are good at doing. This could be a sport, singing, writing, math, art, making new friends, leadership, being organized, etc. Encourage students to think outside of the box and even ask each other for ideas. Point out that sometimes other people notice that you are especially good as something that you take for granted. Then divide the students into small groups. Instruct students to choose one of their peer’s talents and act out a scenario where they can use their talents for God. Put on a mini talent show. Even talents such as cooking or being friendly can be acted out like a skit. Emphasize that entertainment talents such as singing and dancing are not the only talents that someone might have. Some talents are less showy, but still valuable and useful. The important point is that the talents are being used to glorify God no matter how small.

Additional Questions:

  • What talents has God given you?
  • How can you use those talents to serve God?
  • Who have you seen in your community use their talents for God?

Supplemental Activity: Think about characters in the Bible who served God with what they had to offer even if it was not much. Encourage students to look through the Bible. What talents did these characters have that they offered and God multiplied? Consider Moses’ leadership, Aaron’s speaking skills, the boy’s generosity with the five loaves and two fish, etc. Discuss how they had something small to offer, but God helped it grow and used it. How would the story have been different if they had not used their God-given abilities?

Written by: Savannah Negas

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